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Follow this video instructions to purchase a service:

Get started by purchasing a service on WeWe! Visit now and follow the steps in this video to purchase a service. You may also refer to the transcript at the bottom of this description if you prefer to read about the steps.

Hi, welcome to WeWe’s tutorial video!
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to purchase a service on WeWe as a buyer.
First, choose the service that you want.
You may say hi and introduce yourself to the seller before placing your order.
Scroll down to the seller section, click the “Chat now” button to chat with the seller.
Next, you can scroll back to the service package at the top, then select the package you want and click “Order now”.
Provide more info about your order to the seller, or you can provide it in the chat room.
Click “Next” to proceed to the next page.
Check the order details, you may tick any add-on service that is available if you need it.
Click “Next” to proceed to the next page.
Choose your payment method. In this tutorial, we will choose PayPal.
Click “Pay now” to proceed to the payment gateway.
Log in to your PayPal account. You may register a PayPal account if you don’t have one!
Get your 1-time code by receiving a notification on your phone.
Choose your payment method in PayPal and proceed to complete the payment.
Click to continue to review order.
Review your receipt.
After reviewing the receipt, you may close it.
Next, go back to our homepage and wait for the seller to submit the work.
Great! You received a notification. Let’s go check it out!
The seller has submitted the work for your order.
Download the attachment to view the artwork or working file that was submitted by the seller.
You may request for a revision from the seller if you need any amendment.
After everything is done and you are satisfied, then click the approve button to accept the work.
Feel free to write a review for the seller to show your support!

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