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Without further ado, let us help you get started earning on WeWe! Firstly, please login to your WeWe account first. After logging in, make sure you have created your seller profile first if you haven’t done so.

Follow this video instructions to create your seller profile:

You need to have a seller profile first before you can start to create your first service. After creating your seller profile, you can then follow the instructions in this video to create your first service. You may also refer to the transcript at the bottom of this description to create your first service on WeWe.

Hi, welcome to WeWe’s tutorial video!
How can you create a service on WeWe?
After becoming a seller, you may start to create your first service package.
Firstly, make sure you are logged in to WeWe.
Next, make sure you switch to the seller dashboard first by clicking on the button “Switch to Selling” on the top of the page.
You will be navigated to your seller dashboard after clicking the button.
You can then start to create your service package.
In your seller dashboard, scroll down to “My Service Packages” section, then click the “See All” button.
Next, please click the “Add a new service” button.
Firstly, fill in the service title of your service.
Select the main category of your service. Then, select the applicable sub-category.
Set up the required metadata details. These details help your potential clients to better understand your service.
Key in the relevant search tags based on your service. You can insert up to a maximum of 5 search tags.
After filling all the required info in this page, click “Continue” to proceed to the next page.
In this page, you can choose to offer different packages for this service that you are creating. You can offer 1 package only, or up to 5 different packages for the service.
First, please fill in the description for each of the package you plan to offer. Each textbox allows up to a maximum of 120 characters.
Second, set up your delivery time for each package.
Third, set up the number of revisions allowed for each package.
Next, set up the add-on revision cost for each package. This is for when you wish to offer a greater number of revisions for your clients.
Customize each of your package based on the available options shown.
After customizing your packages, you may then decide to add return policy and commercial rights by ticking/unticking the boxes under each package.
Next, set your prices for each of the package.
At the bottom of the page, you may also provide extra services if needed (optional).
You may set the price for each extra service you are offering.
Remember to click the green “+” button for each extra service, or it will not be saved.
After setting up your packages and extra services, click “Continue” to proceed to the next page.
Fill in your service package description. You may enter up to a maximum of 1200 characters.
You may also add frequently asked questions by clicking “Add New” at the bottom of the screen.
Then, click “Continue” to proceed to the next page.
In this page, you may request for any additional info required from the client to deliver your service.
Fill in the details you need by clicking the “Add New” button.
After completing the info, click “Continue” to go to the next page.
In this page, you may upload your portfolio to showcase your skills.
After uploading your portfolio, you may click “Continue” to proceed to the final page.
In this final page, you may just click “Publish” and you are done!
You may also save your service as draft to publish later.
You can always go to your seller dashboard, then scroll down to “My Service Packages” section, then click “See All” to view all your services. Click on any service to edit it.
With just a few simple steps, you can now easily start your freelancing business with WeWe!

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