About us
Web Commerce Communications Ltd. WebNIC stands at the forefront of innovative solutions to the worldwide talent shortage through its transformative initiative, WeWe Talents Marketplace. It's all about taking a proactive approach to meet the increasing need for skilled professionals in various fields. This marketplace serves as a central hub for finding, supporting, and promoting talented individuals worldwide. In doing so, it helps build a skilled and versatile workforce to meet the needs of different industries.
In response to the ever-evolving needs of the business landscape, WeWe Talents Marketplace plays a vital role in fostering connections between talented professionals and industries seeking their expertise. By actively engaging with individuals possessing unique skills, the initiative not only helps to alleviate the challenges of the current talent shortage but also creates a sustainable pipeline of skilled professionals. This concerted effort by WebNIC exemplifies a commitment to innovation and resilience, ensuring that businesses worldwide have access to the specialised talents necessary for continued growth and success in an increasingly competitive environment.
Our Purpose
At WeWe, we act as the conduit between exceptionally talented individuals and those seeking their remarkable skills. We passionately advocate for individuals to turn their passions into thriving businesses, fostering global connections and collective advancement. We aim to alleviate skilled individuals' challenges in finding appreciative customers for their unique talents.
Our Mission


Empower skilled individuals to build businesses around their passions globally.

Meeting Market

Assist talented individuals in meeting market demand while overcoming entrepreneurial challenges.


Connect skilled individuals with a worldwide audience, fueling the growth of the global digital economy and creating more job opportunities.

What is WeWe?

WeWe isn't just a platform; it's your gateway to transforming talents into a profitable business!

Bridge the Gap

Linking skilled individuals with those needing their incredible talents.

Passionate Entrepreneurship

Advocating for and encouraging individuals to build businesses around their passions.

Global Empowerment

Empowering people to connect, progress, and share talents worldwide.

Solving Challenge

Aspiring to help talented individuals overcome the difficulties of finding customers who truly appreciate their unique skills.

Why WeWe?

Discover a new and powerful channel for business opportunities!

Showcase Your Best

Exhibit your best works and portfolio to a global audience.

Exceptional Support

Enjoy dedicated and high-quality customer service from real people.

Passion-Driven Projects

Select projects you love and are passionate about.

Collaborative Partnerships

Partner up with others to create your one-stop comprehensive service.

Transparency and Peace of Mind

Benefit from milestone tracking and quick payouts, ensuring high transparency and peace of mind.

Join WeWe and embark on a journey

where talents flourish, connections thrive, and opportunities abound! Select projects you love, partner with others, and enjoy milestone tracking for high transparency and peace of mind.