Job Opportunity for Software Engineer (Golang)

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Description :
Are you an experienced Software Engineer who loves to work in Golang? If yes, this is the job for you! As a Software Enginner, you will be responsible for writing modular Go mode, and implement AWS containers to support Go implementation and successful repository maintenance. Sign up as our Software Engineer talent and get an opportunity to earn side income with WeWe!


1. If WeWe Team is satisfied with the talent's service, the talent will become WeWe Team’s dedicated Software Engineer for 1 year, for all future project cerates.

2. The first 3 new sellers who have created service package on WeWe will be promoted on our home page slider for 3 months.

3. Have the opportunity to earn stable side income with Wewe Talent Marketplace!


Rules & Requirements:

The talent must be proficient in the Go programming language, and familiar with database technologies such as MySQL, Oracle and MongoDB.
Understanding of containerization technologies such as Docker, RKT, Kubernetes, etc.
The talent is expertise with CI/CD systems (Jenkins, TeamCity, GoCD, Concourse, etc.), Git, SVN, AWS/Google Cloud.
The talent is required to create a service package on WeWe. For more information on how to create a service package, please visit
Eligible talent is welcome to apply! WeWe will select a talent among the participants to be our dedicated Software Engineer.
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